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Our foals and young horses are raised in a group environment on large pastures to maximise their development.

They receive the best care from day one, with regular handling.

We work hard to make them calm, well behaved and easy to introduce to new surroundings.


Our goal is to produce sound and sane horses with the aptitude and temperament to succeed with their rider, amateur or professional, at the highest levels of the hunters or jumpers discipline.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in one of our foals or young horses, or if you would like to breed a custom foal from one of our mares. We try very hard to accommodate our clients, and have many options available such as payment plan and foal raising program. Transport can also be organized anywhere in North America.


The following foals from our breeding program were recently sold to purchasers all over North America. Our wonderful clients are very satisfied with their purchase and often come back to acquire another baby, or more!

Home        News        Sales        Mares       Stallions       Contact

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